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Oregon State Capitol -

Haunted Dwelling: The Oregon State Capitol in Salem


900 Court St. NE., S-216
Salem, Oregon 97301


The lovely white State Capitol building in Salem is located on Court Street NE, between State Street and Chermeketa Street NE. There is a beautiful mall located just north of the main entrance (across the street). "This mall features two adjacent blocks of tree ringed parks and gardens, bordered by arterial streets and flanked by 5 state office buildings on several blocks", most of which also have the Modernistic architectural style. On its South side, one finds State Street and Willamette University.


Since both of the previous Capitol Buildings burned to the ground (in 1855 & 1935) the design of this State Capitol building was made both beautiful and more fire-proof as well. The building has the Modernistic style, and was built on a reinforced concrete foundation. The original interior structural system is "a combination of reinforced concrete, steel framing, and hollow clay tile. "Marble and granite are used as well, inside and out.

There are two wings off the main Capitol Building; One is the House Wing and the other is the Senate Wing, where various offices are located. Both are 3 story structures.


Sandra Allen, an OSCF board member has been collecting personal accounts from people who have had paranormal experiences since 1994. She has published a book, GHOSTS IN THE CAPITOL, in 2002, published by the Oregon Legislative and Historical Information group.

The entities who call this beautiful Capitol Building home come out in the building after everyone goes home for the evening.

1) Foot steps have been heard traveling across the marble floors.

2) Doors slam shut

3) Voices described as not human speak softly.

4) An apparition of an 1978 representative who was killed in a farming accident, has continued to serve as a public servant, not letting the reality that he is dead stand in the way!

A woman on the custodial team was cleaning an office one evening on the third floor of the House Wing. She suddenly felt that she wasn't alone, so she turned around and saw a friendly, smiling face of a solid male entity, standing just a few feet away from her. He was solid, very clean and was wearing glasses and a light brown 1970s style casual suit. He turned around and silently disappeared down the hallway. He was an almost shiny in appearance.

After she reported this sighting to Sandra, Sandra looked up in a book the pictures of the House Representatives who served in the 1970s and found the picture of this same entity!

Still Haunted?

Yes Indeed!

To find out about the other paranormal events, buy a copy of Sandra Allen's book, GHOSTS IN THE CAPITOL.