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Saint Johns Theatre –

Haunted Dwelling: St. John's Theatre


St. John's Theatre
8704 North Lombard Street
Portland, Oregon 97203


The Theatre itself sits on the corner of North Lombard Street, a fairly good sized building which fills the corner and spreads down both streets which meet at the corner. There is a back-stage area, a stage, an auditorium, an upstairs theatre as well.

St. John's Theatre was originally built to be a theatre to offer dramatic arts productions. Sometime during its history, it was made into a two screen movie theatre, and is currently showing films at low cost. It is in good condition and probably served the community for years.

Admission: General admission: $5.50; kids, seniors, and shows before 6pm $3.


Actors from the past productions, employees and others have had encounters with an unknown presence who loves the arts haunts the backstage and in the main theatre auditorium. Still Haunted? It appears to be still hanging around in the theatre, now enjoying the films.