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Byberry Road House


Byberry Road
Somerton, Pennsylvania


Since there are no other pre-Revolutionary houses on Byberry Road in suburban Somerton, Pennsylvania, the haunted house on Byberry Road will not be hard to find. However, since this is a private home that doesn't offer tours, visitors are discouraged. Please respect the privacy of the residents.

Somerton Pennsylvania is a quiet suburb of Philadelphia. Located an hour from downtown Philadelphia, the old wooden house on quiet, winding Byberry Road has quite a haunted history.


The house, in the old colonial style, began construction in 1732. The house has been little altered or modified since its pre-Revolutionary War origin. The house, which sits back from the road, has regal white pillars that support the roof. The house has been occupied continuously, by one family or another since its construction. The current residents are David and Dolores Robinson and David's elderly father.


The Robinsons moved into the house, in 1960. Almost immediately they began to hear human footsteps made by "people" other than themselves. Some doors also opened by themselves. Mrs. Robinson, numerous times over the years, has seen doors open by themselves, with no draft or wind present to account for their movement. Sometimes a door would open by itself, immediately after she had shut it. One night Mrs. Robinson was awakened six times by phantom footsteps and self-closing doors.

Mr. Robinson Senior was surprised one night to find a woman in his room. He thought she had either a black veil or long black hair. She disappeared almost as quickly as she arrived. Since the Robinsons had no visitors that night it is assumed she was a ghost.

Still Haunted?

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