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Schubert Farmhouse


The Schubert farm house is located in the countryside, settled deep into the woods, on the outskirts of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Neighbors are few and far between.


It is described as a "beautifully restored 18th century farmhouse, including a barn". This farm, at one time had been a horse farm. It is a two story house, with the customary cellar and attic. The living room has a very high ceiling, French windows and a fireplace.


The house was built by a Revolutionary War soldier, George Schubert, after a cabin he had built on the same spot burned to the ground. Tragedy hit the Schubert family, when 5 of their children died of smallpox.


The M family moved into this lovely farm house, in 1977, but soon learned that a number of presences also resided in both the house and the barn. Some are friendly, some simply co-exist, while others try their best to scare the living.

A lot of incidents happened late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. A favorite time was 3:00 AM. They also found the biggest period for manifestations to happen was the time around Christmas, and the month of April.

    1. After they had first moved in, a phantom, unseen, galloping horse could be heard going around and around the house, kicking up non-existent gravel for several nights in the wee hours of the morning.

    2. Mr. M had fallen asleep on a chaise lounge on the first floor. Around 4 AM, he was awakened by a crackling and popping sound, sort of like a dog's nails hitting against the hard wood floor. As the noise got louder and louder, he found that he couldn't move at all, and hard a hard time breathing. This went on for a few minutes, and when the noise faded away, he could move and breathe again. The whole process happened two more times.

    3. Mrs. M saw an apparition of a red-eyed man sporting a handle bar mustache peering into her little son's bedroom.

    4. A lot of activity happens in the children's rooms. On Christmas Eve of 1981, their son and daughter were sleeping in the son's bedroom. The awoke to see a shimmering figure in the hall outside their parents' bed room. Still later, they awoke again and saw a detailed apparition of a black haired man standing next to their bed, who was wearing a white shirt. The boy later was able to identify the man from a picture of a previous owner.

    5. During another Christmas season, they all sat down in the living room to admire the Christmas tree they had just finished decorating. Suddenly, some unseen presence took hold of the tree and shook it violently, until all the balls fell off.

    6. Mrs. M started hearing voices of little girls crying, "Mommy, Mommy!" Her little son started to see a little girl apparition walking close to Mrs. M.

    7. Foot steps have been heard in the attic and going up the stairs. Once, footsteps were heard coming up the stairs, went down the hall, and stopped outside the Ms door. Then the latch began to rattle and the door started to vibrate. After they threw open the door, no one was there.

    8. Apparitions have appeared all over the house.

      1. A frequent visitor is the apparition of a man dressed in black.

      2. Another short couple, with detailed faces and heat wavy-like bodies, like to stand in the bedrooms and watch the living in their beds.

      3. An oval shaped cloud was seen by Mrs. M hovering around the stove as she cooked Thanksgiving dinner. This same cloud was also seen in the cellar, keeping Mr. M company.

    9. The lower barn also appears to be haunted.

      1. While shoveling manure in the 24-stall barn, he heard another shovel digging out the stall next to him. No one was there.

      2. He has smelled pipe smoke in the barn.

      3. While locking the barn one night, he heard a human growl just on the other side of the door.

      4. While going into the barn, twice Mr. M saw an apparition of a man, dressed in a blue and white uniform, hanging from the rafters. (The owner of the farm, after the S family, had hung himself in the barn).

Still Haunted?

Yes, as of the 1990s occurrences have been noted, but not as often.

As soon as the M family found they could laugh about the incidents and not be afraid, the intensity of the hauntings has tapered off. What fun or satisfaction can be gained from the unafraid living?