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Talvande Mansion


32 Legare Street,
Charleston, South Carolina.

As this mansion is now a private residence, please respect the owner's privacy. No tours are given.


In the early 1800s, before the Civil War, this grand old mansion was, in this time period, a fashionable boarding school for teenage daughters of wealthy South Carolina cotton and rice planters. This acclaimed finishing school was run by a Madame Talvande, who was a French Haitian emigrant, who took great pride in the fact that her school was considered one of the finest in the South, which stressed "firm discipline and a thorough training in the social skills needed in this Southern society." She earnestly put her heart and soul into her duties as Head Mistress.

Unfortunately her troubles began when a 15 year old, Marie Whaley, enrolled in Talvande's school. While at first Marie flourished at the school, she brought shame and wrecked the reputation of Madame Talvande, as a guardian of young women. During a party, that was sponsored by the good Madame Talvande, Marie ran off and eloped with a young man, George Morris, who Marie's father had hated. You can imagine her utter mortification and embarrassment that one of her dear young women foolishly eloped, right under her authority.

After this incident, the mansion was walled in, and broken glass was placed on top of the imposing brick masonry, giving it the feel of a prison.


A) Owners have reported that an apparition of Madame Talvande walks the halls of the mansion, carefully checking the bedrooms, and then vanishes. She's still keeping a watchful eye on her beloved girls.

B) Owners have heard the front door swing open and heavy footsteps clump through the entry to the north hall.

C) The family's cook saw an apparition of a cavalier walk through the large, old dining room, on the way to the game room.

(Some think that this gentlemen ghost is Marie's Beau, George Morris, or Marie's father.)

Still Haunted?

Over a hundred years later, these occurrences still happen.