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Mount Marty College



Located on the bluffs of the Missouri River, 64.16 miles northwest of South Sioux City, off Highway 81.

Address: Mount Marty College, 1105 West 8th Street, Yankton, South Dakota 57078.


On the 80-acre campus of Mount Marty College, one finds a mix of modern and historic buildings.

The town of Yankton has a long history, being founded on the Lewis and Clark trail, in the heart of Indian country. In 1876, a Benedictine missionary by the name of Martin Mary came to minister to the area's Indians. He became the first Catholic Bishop in this territory and was the one who invited the Benedictine Sisters to start and maintain a religious community of service in Yankton.

In 1936, this Benedictine order of Sisters started a junior college for women. By 1951, it was awarding its first Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Men joined the student body in 1969. In 1975, Associate Arts degree programs joined the academic offerings where compatible with existing programs. Graduate Studies programs were also added in the 1980s and 1990s.

History of manifestations/MANIFESTATIONS:

1) Around the Campus Itself

History: A worker fell to his death during construction. He makes his presence known around the campus.

* Showers turn on by themselves.

* The water fountains run by themselves.

* Footsteps are heard when no one living is present.

* Shadows are seen.

2) Corbey Residence Hall

History: A female student who lived at Corbey Residence Hall disappeared one day.

* An Apparition of this girl is seen riding up and down on the elevator. Her presence is felt in areas around the elevator, on the floors where it stops.

3) Whitby Hall -

* Residents have seen a figure dressed in gray polyester pants crossing their room.

* Residents have also seen figures wearing hard hats and blue suits walking in their rooms, making bed checks????? Or inspecting the room?

* A white entity likes to stand in the corner of rooms, keeping the residents company!

* Room 200 - Because of the hauntings, the room was kept vacant for a long time. Light never touches the door, no matter how many lights are on. A dark shadow seems to cover the door.

4) Old Gym/Stage - Mainly the Costume Room & the Music Hall Area

* The presence is felt and an apparition is seen of a nun, a sister at the convent, who once was the music teacher.

5) Dakota Hall

History: A dorm mother caught a boy in the room of one of her girls. She locked him in the attic for the night. The boy was so distraught, thinking he would be expelled, that he hung himself from the rafters.

* A male apparition haunts the hall with strange noises.

6) Suicides and tragic deaths have happened in some of the College's fraternity/sorority houses over the years.

A) The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity House (Originally the Alpha Phi House) - Has had two entities from the past, one from the Alpha Phi House and one from The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity House

History: The house was originally owned by the Alpha Phi Sorority, until they had to sell it in the 1930s because of the Depression and Money Troubles.

* A male ghost haunted the fraternity because he hung himself thinking that he failed his pre-medical school exams, which wasn't true. What a waste!

* A female ghost haunted the place and was very sad because she died from an infection due to a scratch she got from a hat pin.

B) Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

History: Fraternity brother Gerry shot himself in the second floor shower sometime during the late 1950s-early 1960s.

* The house is haunted by the ghost of this dead fraternity brother, Gerry. Gerry considers himself one of the guys, turns on TV sets, DVD players, will keep people company in the basement while they listen to music and likes to play with electricity and lights.

Are these Buildings/Areas of Mount Marty College Still Haunted?

Yes Indeed!

Unfortunate deaths and suicides often result in hauntings, and colleges which are full of young people, have their share of stressed out students who sometimes think that killing themselves is the answer. Also, as colleges are like small cities, and accidents do happen which suddenly take the life of a person not ready to die, having unfinished business.

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