Marine Military Hospital



Old Marine Military Hospital & National Ornamental  Metal Museum Buildings.


374 Metal Museum Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 38106.


The Old Marine Military Hospital and complex, can be found really close to the 120 (W Eh Crump Road), halfway between the old Mississippi River bridge and President's Island. The turn off to the museum and grounds of the old hospital is the first exit, after crossing the river. Turn right on Alston road, left on Metal Museum Dr., and just follow the road around to the National Ornamental  Metal Museums and buildings, and the old hospital, that all sit just across the street from De Soto Park.



The Old Marine Hospital, its buildings and grounds as a unit was described as a sprawling government complex, used by various groups of the military since the late 1800s, from the Marines to the Army Reserve (67 years), to the National Guard, who were the last, and moved out. The buildings were all put on the real estate market.

While 4 of the five main buildings have been sold to a private party and the National Ornamental  Metal group, the old Marine hospital building is fenced in, off limits to the public and is currently for sale yet again, as of March, 2009. It is a grand, three- storied brick structure with two major wings, which connect with the main central headquarters.

The National Ornamental  Metal group bought three buildings: The Doctors' Residence, The Nurses' Residence, and The Officer's Quarters.

The Doctors' residence - This large, grand,  late 1800s white house with Greek architecture, is just behind the fenced -in Old Marine Hospital. It was given a new lease on life and is now being used as a library for metallurgy. The top floors were rebuilt, and other improvements made.

Standing outside, we saw through the window some displays of interesting metal-works.  There was once an underground tunnel connecting the hospital with this former doctor's residence, but it was blocked when the structure was renovated for the museum.

Officer's Quarters - Next to the doctor's residence, there was a building used as the officer's quarters, which is now used for housing the apprentice blacksmiths and metal worker interns.

Nurses' Residence - To the left of the fenced-in hospital is a large, two story, sturdy yellow brick building, which now houses the National Ornamental  Metal Museum.

To the left of the National Ornamental Metal Museum is a building used for several businesses.

There is also a lovely garden area, located around and in the center of the three buildings with walkways which lead to a gazebo, over-looking the river. Various metal sculptures add much to this garden area.



The Marine Hospital and its grounds came into being in the late 1800s, on the site of an old Civil War Hospital. The Army and Army Reserve made good use of this facility for 67 years.  Eventually, the National Guard took over this installation. When they left, the buildings were sold, except the large main hospital, which stood vacant for awhile.  Finally, Dean Baxter bought the 3.2 acres and hospital structure from the Government in the early 2000s, for $350,000.   Dean later sold this rather large fixer upper opportunity to developer, Lauren Crews of Rossville. In October, of 2007, The Memphis Heritage held their annual Memphis Heritage Architectural Auction, in the main building.

This old Hospital building has possibilities, as it still has good structural bones, despite needing  lots of TLC.  Crews, the current owner, said, "Because it was built by government specifications, the engineering is unbelievable."

Some work has been done to stabilize the structure, but another developer is destined to turn the building into a renewed structure with new purposes; Could easily be converted into 30 apartment or condominium units. this idea has worked well around the country. People have turned old schools and other large buildings into condos with great success.



Big renovations of old buildings can stir up paranormal activity.

As with many former Military Installations and hospitals,  some of these buildings are home to spirits of military and civilian population who died here. (MacArthur Military Museum * Fort Hayes School * Provential Hotel * Fort Bridger * Carnton Mansion)

The hospital and its buildings were used to take care of the yellow fever victims, some of which didn't make it. Unexpected death from disease can cause hauntings.(Bullock Hotel * Meade Hotel * Lafitte's Guest House)

Buildings which housed morgues sometime in their history are known to have some entities still hanging around. (Stone Lion Inn * Maumee Bay Brewing Company)

The basement of the nurses' residence was turned into another morgue, during the yellow fever epidemics.

The basement of the Doctor's Residence House used to be the morgue, where the dead were sent, via body chute. The body chute was taken out, and a stairway was put in, taking the living down to the basement.

Many former hospitals found on this site seem to have entities not willing to let go and hang around the building, stuck in their pain, in their traumas, their worries of this world, and disappointments on how things turned out for them.

(Waverly Hills Sanitarium * Kalamazoo Sanitarium * Infirmary for Women * Maysville Hospital)



Two buildings and the main hospital structure are said to be the most haunted places in Memphis.

The former Nurses' Residence Building - Now the National Ornamental Metal Museum seems to be home to spirits who died from yellow fever. The living are probably treated to the full treatment, footsteps, objects being moved, voices, and perhaps even mists and apparitions.

The former Doctors' Residence: Library of Metallurgy:

Paranormal activity began when the major work was begun on the structure. Prisoners who were assigned work in the basement, were fun to scare, giving some spirits some chuckles!  Entities of young soldiers can be mischievous, and often get their chuckles at the living's expense! (General Wayne Inn * Kolb Ridge Court)

A staff member of the soon-to-be library was studying the new plans to rebuild the house in a room on the first floor. She saw a friendly spirit face, peering down at her from the hole in the ceiling, on the floor above.

Interns who spent some time in the library saw an entity of a man in a wheelchair on the second floor of the Library of Metallurgy.  He stopped showing himself after the rooms were painted. Perhaps, he was objecting to the decor of the walls!

Paranormal Inc. Investigation Group had a very successful investigation in this building. Go to their web page To read their full report.

Black shadows that blocked out the light were seen around the stairway from the basement, the hallway and the back room.

EVPs of friendly disembodied voices were recorded, and a few live disembodied "hey's" were also heard.

The Hospital building has long been the place of paranormal activity.

People have seen apparitions, heard voices, foot-steps, felt cold spots, and probably have been treated to the entire paranormal package at one time or another.


Yes Indeed!

It is considered by many to be the most haunted place in Memphis.  Evidence has been filmed and recorded, giving some weight to the personal experiences of the folks who have been the recipients of paranormal activity.