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Memphis Haunted Houses –

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Other City Hauntings in Tennessee

ghost-real-memphis Hunt-Phelan Inn
The original Hunt/Phelan House (now The Inn at Hunt Phelan) was built in 1828-1830  by George H. Whyett... MORE
memphis-haunted-houses Woodruff Fontaine House
Amos Woodruff was an energetic entrepreneur who was a mover and a shaker... MORE
memphis-haunted-houses Ernestine and Hazel's Diner

Ernestine and Hazel's, a diner and informal music night club, is a funky, very long but narrow rectangular two story brick building whose front door opens on to South Main Street... MORE
haunted-memphis-real-houses Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre is truly one of Memphis' remarkable success stories; a theatre able to overcome a variety of adversities... MORE
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