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The Alamo –


Haunted Place — The Alamo and The Alamodome


300 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, Texas 78205
(210) 225-1391


The Alamo can be found in the heart of San Antonio.


This Alamo building, made of stone was built in 1718-24, by the Franciscan Monks, who called their mission San Antonio de Valero, which sat on 4 acres of land. They ministered to the many Indians in the area, for around seventy years. In 1793, Spain "secularized" the five missions in Texas, giving the land to the Indian farmers, and turning the mission over to the military, to use the structure as a military post. A calvary unit was stationed there in the early 1800s and the first recorded hospital in the Long Barrack was opened there. The soldiers stationed there renamed the building, The Alamo ( which means cottonwood in Spanish), in honor of their hometown, Alamo De Parras Coahuila.

This event turned San Antonio and the Alamo into a hot spot in the upcoming Mexican struggle against Spain for their independence. The Revolutionaries and the Loyalists both at various times fought for and took over the Alamo. The Mexicans were the victorious forces that won the Alamo military post, quartering their troops in the city of San Antonio.

In 1835, the Texas struggle for independence from Mexico came of course to San Antonio. In December of 1835, Ben Milam led Texan and Tejano volunteer army in a house to house battle in San Antonio, which lasted 5 days. After forcing General Marin Perfecto de Cos and his men to give up, the Texan freedom fighters took possession of the Alamo as an occupying force, further strengthening the Alamo's defenses.

Knowing that the Mexican Army would respond with force, the Alamo commander, William B. Travis sent for more help from other towns in Texas. Sure enough, on February 23, 1836, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his army of 4000 men arrived to take back San Antonio and the Alamo, now a key defense post in Texas battle for independence. The only reinforcements which came to help the Alamo defenders, were the 32 men which showed up from Gonzales on the 8th day of the battle with the Mexican Army, as the other towns needed their people to defend against the approaching Mexican soldiers. Among the then 200 defenders were Davy Crockett and James Bowie.

After holding out for 13 days, the Mexican army finally overran the Alamo early in the morning on March 6, 1836, killing all the defenders ( around 200) and some of the women and children hiding there, as they were pulled from their beds and killed, though about 20 women and children were spared. Generally though, it turned into a massacre. No surrenders from the defenders were accepted — all were killed quickly. The Mexican army wasn't in a generous frame of mind, having lost a lot of men themselves.

Since 1905, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas have managed the Alamo and the 4 acres it sit on, doing a great job preserving the history of this place. They don't like the guards to tell ghost stories as it may take away from the meaning of the Alamo itself, as a symbol of Texas guts and determination in winning their freedom.



The defenders and others killed inside the Alamo were unceremoniously dumped into a mass grave, causing many spirits to be restless and seek for a better eternal rest in the areas around the Alamo, as well as the Alamo building itself. Many other civilians/soldiers/defenders who were killed in other places around San Antonio during the 13 days of battle were not buried at all.

  1. The hauntings started soon after the bloodbath at the Alamo. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna unwisely ordered Mexican engineers to tear down the Alamo, down to the last brick. However, when the engineers began to tear down the walls, ghostly hands emerged from the walls to stop them. Some of the hands held glowing torches. For the grand finale, a loud ghostly voice warned the living to stop tearing down the Alamo or face a terrible death. Many think that it was the founding monks who built the mission who came to the rescue and scared the bejeebers out of the Mexican engineers. The Alamo was eventually rebuilt instead, with its 4 acres intact.

  2. Many apparitions, some deformed, have been seen going on evening strolls, emerging from the Alamo's walls by guests of the nearby Menger Hotel, which has been a temporary resting place for spirits who wander in from the Alamo.


  1. One apparition has been seen running along the top of the Alamo, desperately looking for a way to escape, perhaps revisiting his death.

  2. Many people have seen an apparition dressed in a black cloak, who is soaking wet. He is in solid form, and looks like a real person. When asked a question, he melts into the air.

  3. The sounds of laughter from the spirits of the murdered children can be heard at night.

  4. The apparition of a monk was spotted in the courtyard on the north side of the church, going about his business, walking into a wall which had once been a doorway.

  5. In the gift museum, voices are heard by the living. The sobs of a woman are heard. Foot steps and heavy pounding on the doors also are heard by the living.

  6. In the Alamo Hall, furniture shakes by itself. An apparition of a young cowboy, dressed in western attire of the 1800s, has been appearing in solid form, looking like a real person.

  7. Windows and doors open and close, lights go off and on.

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