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Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater –


Haunted Place — The Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater


1150 South Alamo Street
San Antonio, Texas  78210
(210) 271-7791


The Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater is located in the King William Historic District, among the lovely mansions and cottages built by German immigrants who helped to establish San Antonio.


Many of the buildings along the River Walk are known to be haunted. The Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater is one that definitely is the home of a variety of spirits, though the two most active spirits are recent arrivals.The current brick building was built in 1912, and was the home of the Alamo Methodist Church until 1968.

The building was vacant and the home for San Antonio's homeless until 1976 when the Larsens fell in love with it and bought the place. The lower floor Sunday school rooms were transformed into a restaurant and the Green Room Dinner Theatre. A stage was added to the original sanctuary. The lovely European Tiffany-style stained glass windows and pressed tin ceiling are preserved.



Spirits often become active when a building is renovated. At least 4 spirits who either love the theater or the building itself have made the Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater their home.

  1. A gentle, apparition by the name of Margaret Gething, wearing a long, flowing dress, loves to watch rehearsals and performances from the balcony, and has spoken to the living. When the theater is busy with rehearsals, her ghostly activity increases. She was an actress who lived in the King William Historic District, and died the year before the Larsens bought the building.

  2. Another apparition, known as Eddie, is a young boy who adores banging around in the kitchen, playing pranks, moving objects, turning lights on and off, and running up and down the aisles of the theaters. It is thought that his spirit was attached to a wheelchair brought in for a theater production.

  3. A picture of Margaret Gething hangs in the building. Eddie added his image to the picture after it was hung on the wall.

  4. A gentleman dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing has been seen in the sanctuary theater. Perhaps he was a founding member of the Alamo Methodist Church, keeping a friendly eye on the living.

  5. Margaret Gething's servant, Henrietta, who was a seamstress, came with Miss Margaret and likes to move the costumes around.

Still Haunted?

A big yes is in order.

The spirits are accepted as part of the restaurant and theater by the owner and the people who work and perform there.