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Miss Molly's Bed & Breakfast


Haunted Place — Miss Molly's Bed & Breakfast


109 W. Exchange Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas  76106
___ web site
Toll Free (817) 626-1522


Miss Molly's Bed & Breakfast can be found in the historical Fort Worth section, on West Exchange Avenue, near North Main Street. It is only about a block or so, west of the old Fort Worth Stockyards, and the old Amerisuites Stockyard building.


This vintage, blast from the past, western-themed, 8 room bed and breakfast is located upstairs, above the Fort Worth's Star Cafe, which is on the ground floor. Going up the stairs from the street, one enters the entry area and the charming parlor & "eatin'" rooms.

There are a total of nine rooms; with 8 rooms for guests, uniquely decorated with western themes, and the private quarters of the owners. Each room has its own unique western decor, displayed in an attractive manner, letting the guest see life in another era.

Rooms: COWBOYS * MISS JOSIE'S (Madam of the 1940s) * MISS AMELIA'S (straight-laced proprietor of



In its very beginning, several factors came together for the good of the city of Fort Worth, in the 19th century. There was an abundance of wild, longhorn cows on the plains around the Fort Worth area, left over from another time, whose former owners were long gone. These cows just waiting to be rounded up and claimed by enterprising cowboys. Money was to be made, because these cows would sell for as much as 50 dollars a head up north. So, Fort Worth began its livestock industry, becoming the starting point of the well traveled Chisholm Trail, that brought many a herd to northern markets, before the railroads came through town.

The coming of the railroad brought huge growth to the stockyards, and even more prosperity to Fort Worth. Livestock no longer had to walk to market, and kept their weight, becoming more valuable. Buying and selling of livestock at the Fort Worth Stockyards increased because of the access to the railroad as well.

Fort Worth became cow and livestock central, resulting in a load of wealth, prosperity, and an appreciation for not only the cattle, livestock business, but for the people who made it all possible! By the turn-of-the-century, Fort Worth offered 37 saloons, 17 blacksmith shops, 24 wagon yards, six hide dealers and seven barbers, large-scale stockyards and supporting livestock businesses were built at the other eastern end of Exchange Avenue, and large areas, east of N. Main Street. Eventually, a rodeo stadium also made its home in the stockyard area, which is still busy today.

A tremendous business boom, fueled by the lucrative livestock and meat packing successes, had money flowing into Fort Worth for a very long time, until the later part of the 20th century.

The need for a proper, classy boarding house was great in 1910, so this building, currently the home of Fort Worth's Star Cafe, and Miss Molly's, was constructed, becoming an up and coming boarding house, The Palace Rooms.

Fifteen to twenty years later, during Prohibition, it changed hands and was renamed, THE OASIS, complete with a speakeasy for illegal drinking, something much appreciated by its clientele. Sometimes, the authorities looked the other way, and speakeasies were allowed to exist. (Wabasha Street Caves * National Pastime Theater * County Line BBQ Restaurant)

By the 1940s, this once high class boarding house had sunk down several notches, becoming a bordello, The Gayatte Hotel, sexually servicing cowboys, others in town who were involved in the livestock business, and perhaps more shadier people of the time. Some not so nice folks were entertained here, with dire consequences for some of the women employed in this establishment.

When the Texas government finally stopped tolerating prostitution, the people involved here were probably busted, and the building was put back into the real estate market. New owners renovated the building and started the Fort Worth's Star Cafe on the ground floor, and turned the upper stories into a bed and breakfast, Miss Molly's, both legal ways to make a living.



Before the discovery of vaccinations, many children fell victim to such killers as typhoid, polio, small pox, measles, whooping cough, and diphtheria. (Bullock Hotel * Saint Mary Louise Hospital * Collingwood Art Center)
Other children died from dumb kid accidents. (Robert E. Lee Mansion * Meade Hotel * Kehoe House)

Despite some that claim that prostitution is a victimless crime, the business of prostitution has historically been both a risky business for women; (Wyoming Territorial Prison * White Eagle Pub * O'Henry's Roadhouse Building * Baraboo Inn), and a cause of suicide among these fallen angels; (Copper Queen Hotel * The Queens Hotel * Birdcage Theater).


"Miss Molly's is considered one of the most haunted buildings in Fort Worth, and one of the most active paranormal sites in Texas." All the rooms, including the private quarters of the owners have experienced paranormal occurrences.

Full-bodied apparitions: Intelligent contact with people.

An entity of a young girl of 8 or 9 years old, who was a former tenant, perhaps a victim of disease or accident, has appeared to the owners in their private rooms.

A visiting reporter woke up in the middle of the night, to see an entity of an alluring blond sitting on the edge of his bed, perhaps eying him seductively.

The full course of paranormal activity has been experienced by both the staff and guests.

Unexplained shadows and cold spots have been reported by the living.

Unexplained aromas of perfume or toilet water, can be experienced in the rooms and hallway areas.

Guests and staff experience the unexplained disappearance of belongings and items, which appear again in odd places, or are moved back to where the item was supposed to be in the first place.

Toilets, doors and lights have a mind of their own: Toilets flush themselves, lights turn themselves off and on, unlocked doors are blocked by an unseen force from opening.

An entity sometimes believes in tipping the people who clean the b and b rooms. Apports in the form of coins have appeared in rooms that were just cleaned. When this happened to a former bu-spreadsheetsInnkeeper, she decided that she had had enough, and quit her job.



As this building is proven to be a haunted place, many paranormal investigation groups come here to gather info and experience, including the Texas Christian University's paranormal activity class, who does so on a regular basis. The entities who remain in this building apparently are not shy in making contact with the living, especially males. The owners of this haunted bed and breakfast have on display in the common living areas, copies of unusual photos, tape recordings of EVPs, and the results and conclusions of the various investigators, for all to read.

I looked up on line the investigation of Miss Molly's Bed and Breakfast, conducted by Texas Paranormal Advanced Research Team (TEXPART) in 2008. The full account of their experiences and data that they gathered of paranormal occurrences can be read on line at their web site: texpartparanormal.com.

TEXPART hit the mother-lode! Various members, some with psychic abilities made contact with entities who were prostitutes, from the 1940s-1950s era. Some had been murdered, and one had died of a lung disease. The psychic person would feel on his own body where the deadly blow was given or knife point entered the entity, and felt pain in his lungs, indicating the cause of death of one entity.

Some didn't know that they were dead, but a few did, and knew what year it was, 2008. One was longing to see her daughter, who was being raised by her grandparents

All the men in the investigation team were touched by unseen hands, especially in room 4. One entity ran her fingers through a male investigator's hair. Another rubbed another investigator's leg. Arms and cheeks were touched, cold spots were felt, and one investigator actually walked through an unseen entity. Interesting EVPs were picked up, and shadows were seen.


Yes indeed!

Several entities are still there for various reasons. Some don't know that they are dead, and others are unable to find rest and go on to the other side.




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