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Inwood Manor -


Built on land near the Connecticut River, 20 miles south of St. Johnsbury.

Address: Inwood Manor, Inwood, Vermont.


A lovely, renovated 32 room resort Inn, which is a nice place to go to get away from it all, in a lovely remote location, close to the Connecticut River, nestled amongst the trees.

HISTORY of Manifestations:

A woman and her small child drowned in the Connecticut River, near the Inn.


This Inn is not only a haven for the living who are stressed out by life, but spirits stressed out by their death in the near-by river.

1) The process of renovating any building often stirs up ghosts living there. After the owners, Ron Kacsor and Peter Embarrato started renovating this 32 room inn, a friendly, smiling female apparition, dressed in a candy-striped dress, appeared to them, to offer a gracious welcome and to encourage their efforts, obviously pleased that they were repairing and renovating her inn, the place where she sought refuge after the unfortunate accident. After she appeared at the foot of the stairs before them, she turned around and floated up the stairs, and then melting into the air. They knew then that they had their first customer/resident, even if she is a ghost.

2) This friendly, benign female apparition turned out not to be alone. The apparition of her little child, who drowned with her, appeared before Ron and Peter on the cellar steps.

Still Haunted?


Ron and Peter don't seem to mind having an unpaid, basically unseen resident and her child, staying with them in their inn, and since she is friendly, they accept her as part of the property.